Cockatiel colors and genetics

There are roughly 24 color mutations found in cockatiels. Part of the Australian colors are actually the same than in the USA or Europe but they just have appeared independently. Color mutations are a fascinating part of the cockatiel hobby and most of them can also be combined, creating several new color phenotypes! Get to know different colors by clicking them on the menu – and check out some combinations from the Cockatiel Color Chart ©.

cockatiel baby lutino

Stock photo: Shutterstock/MarinaJay1

One of the most fascinating parts of breeding cockatiels are their colors. But creating a particular color may demand different parent combinations. To know what to combine you need to know how the gene behind the color acts. So: the colors and genetics are walking hand in hand. To breed colors you need to know the genetics. And actually, to be able to recognize the reasons behind your breeding results you must understand how are different merits and flaws transmitted to the cockatiel offspring, by their parents.