Australian fallow

Mutation: ?
Inheritance: Autosomal recessive
Pigment change: Albinism

The Australian Fallow first appeared in the 1960s, actually quite early and before the American version, the bronze fallow. (Martin, 2007) These two fallows are very similar to each other. Both are melanine-altering mutations, where the melanin is reduced from the whole body, causing also the beak and feet be lighter colored and the eye to be red. The plumage is warm light brownish.

The genetical connection between these two colors cannot be studied because of the continental import denial. So it is not known if also the Australian Fallow would be an allele of the NSL ino. Thus is this color and the affection of the mutation yet unsure.

Terry Martin (2007) suspects that the Australian Fallows would actually be combinations of Cinnamon and Faded and that in some point of the ennobling the real and original fallow would have been completely lost. To keep the color pure it would be very important not to mix other melanin altering mutations with the Australian Fallow.

I have not worked with this mutation.