Aka West Coast Silver, Australian silver
Mutation: Faded
Inheritance: Autosomal recessive
Pigment change: Albinism
This color is Australian only!


Compared to Dilute, the Faded – before known as the West-Coast Silver – is more brow toned. The beak and feet are dark but still slightly lighter than the wild type would have. The shade of the beak and feet also depends on the darkness of the plumage. The darkest Faded individuals remind almost the normal grey, the wild type, bit the lightest of the Faded are very close to the Dilute. Picture on the left is given by Wayne Miller and shows for comparison a Whiteface Faded and a normal Whiteface. The picture below shows a Whiteface Faded Pearl.

Gender identification and chicks

Faded hens are darker than the cocks. Among the typical gender differences, Cross and Andersen describe (1994) allready young males being lighter than hens. This difference is also noticeble in adults.

When hatched, the Faded chick has a little bit lighter eyes than usual, though the eyes will get darker in a few weeks.

Gene behind the color: Faded

Faded on useilla papukaijalajeilla tavattu väri. Sen tunnusmerkkejä on muun muassa syntyessä vaaleammat tai punaisemmat silmät, jotka tummuvat usein aikuisikään mennessä jonkin verran sekä se, että melaniinia on vähentynyt melko vähän luonnontyyppiin verrattuna. Muun muassa undulaateilla on oma faded-värinsä, joka luetaan harvinaisten värien joukkoon.

I have not worked with this mutation.